The Right Career Path

A Journey of Self-Discovery, Financial Reward and Independence.

Mary Kay Cosmetics was created with one objective: to provide an open-ended opportunity for women; creating your dream based on your goals and values.

Every consultant begins with the same opportunities.  Their ambition and perserverance determines the heights to which they rise.

As you will see, the Burdine Area consultants are on the rise, realizing financial success while maintaining balance for their families, and most importantly, growing to Be Their Best.



Why You Should Join

I don't know your circumstance, you may be married or single, widowed or divorced, wealthy or broke. You may or may not have children or grandchildren. You may work full-time, part-time or not at all.

What I do know is that all women have a desire to make a difference. Somehow, someway. And they usually don't find that in the workforce.

Mary Kay is an opportunity to make a difference to your family budget, pay off some debt, create a whole new career, or maybe just a great way to socialize with "big" people. The more you fill up your cup, the more you can fill others...and in turn, make a difference.

I can't think of any reason not to give it a try, worse case you'll meet great new friends and create a tax write-off...and yes, enjoy buying at wholesale. Best case - an exciting new journey, new found confidence and rewards based on your effort and comitment, not someone else's agenda.

So, click on Join Today! to get started.

You'll never really know unless you try! - Patsy

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