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Before starting my Mary Kay Business I worked full-time as a Registered Nurse. As my husband finished a long medical residency and we were anticipating our move to Oklahoma, we decided that my career as a nurse did not fit into our plans.  I would not need the income and could not choose the hours I would want to match Mike's busy practice.


One of us would have to be flexible.  And quite honestly, I'd had enough of little recognition for a job well done in a generally  negative environment.  Ever feel like your genuine desire to help others has been taken advantage of?



Well, I didn't know what I would do, but determined that whatever it was it would be flexible and be fun! That's when Mary Kay surfaced.  I'd been using the product line and LOVED it. Cincinnati had been cold and dry and my face had suffered.  I found a consultant in my new city of Edmond, OK and she was great.  One day I began thinking about a possible career in real estate...we'd been searching for our first house to buy and the experience had been fun.  I called the Real Estate school to find out details and noticed the cleansing cream jar I'd left by the phone to remind myself to reorder. I thought, "That Beauty Show I went to was fun, certainly it couldn't be hard, and if nothing else maybe I'd save some money if I could order wholesale!"  So I called.  My consultant nearly dropped the phone, but graciously invited me to visit with her Sales Director. 

Before I knew it I was off on my new adventure!  Sure, I was nervous, just like starting anything you've never done before. I certainly had no selling skill, no networking skill, I only knew one person in my new town and they don't teach you Business 101 in nursing school.  But I was excited and Mary Kay proved to be a safe place to grow in confidence and people skills.

Today I teach over 50 women in my personal unit how to run their own business, I continue to hold those Beauty Shows and find more and more women who are looking for something more than the work place grind or just need a little more just for them.

I believe that we were all created to be productive and fruitful with our lives.  Being "fruitful" denotes abundance...producing more than you need for yourself and therefore having "fruit" to give away.  Maybe it's cash, maybe it's ideas, maybe it's inspiration or wisdom., Being the BEST you can be, using yourself to capacity and doing it in the amount of time you have, maintaining what's valuable to you...that's what I believe Mary Kay really intended for all of us!  So...GO BE YOUR BEST TODAY!


    Future Director

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